Item # Name Specification Photo
JAM                                                                       TOP 
10001 Strawberry 4.5KGS*4
10002 Mango 4.5KGS*4
10003 Pineapple 4.5KGS*4
10004 Passion Fruit 4.5KGS*4
10005 Kiwi 4.5KGS*4
10006 Blueberry 4.5KGS*4
10007 Orange 4.5KGS*4
10008 Grape 4.5KGS*4
10009 Peach 4.5KGS*4
10010 Honeydew 4.5KGS*4
10011 Green Apple 4.5KGS*4
¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡  JUICE                                                                        TOP
20001 Strawberry 2.5Kgs*6
20002 Mango 2.5Kgs*6
20003 Pineapple 2.5Kgs*6
20004 Passion Fruit 2.5Kgs*6
20005 Kiwi 2.5Kgs*6
20006 Blueberry 2.5Kgs*6
20006 Orange 2.5Kgs*6
20007 Grape 2.5Kgs*6
20008 Peach 2.5Kgs*6
20009 Honeydew 2.5Kgs*6
20010 Green Apple 2.5Kgs*6
20011 Lemon 2.5Kgs*6
                                POWDER                                                                       TOP
30001 Strawberry 1KG*20
30002 Mango 1KG*20
30003 Green Apple 1KG*20
30004 Papaya 1KG*20
30005 Vanilla 1KG*20
30006 Taro 1KG*20
30007 Coconut 1KG*20
30008 Honeydew 1KG*20
30009 Coffee 1KG*20
30010 Chocolate 1KG*20   ¡¡
30011 Magic Mocha 1KG*20
30012 Red Bean 1KG*20
30013 Green Bean 1KG*20
30014 Almond 1KG*20
                        ¡¡      CUP                                                                       TOP 
50001 Cup (for kids) 360CC/D95,100PCS*20
50002 Cup (small) 500CC/D95,100PCS*20
50003 Cup (medium) 700CC/D95,50PCS*20
50004 Cup (large) 850CC/D95,50PCS*10
50005 C5 doom lid 100*20
50006 C5C lid 120*8
50007 Fat Straw 22cm*14mm 50PCS*100
50008 Regular Straw 22cm*6mm 90PCS*100
50009 Sample cup 3/4 OZ 250PCS*20
50010 Fat Straw (wrapped) 22cm*14mm 50PCS*100
50011 Regular Straw (wrapped) 20cm*6mm 90PCS*100
50012 Lid 100*20
                                   OTHERS                                                                        TOP
60001 Black Tea 600G*24Bags
60002 Green Tea 600G*24Bags
60003 Fruit Jelly 4.5KGS*4
60004 Tapioca Pearls 2.5mm 3KGS*6
60005 Napkin
60006 Sugar 50L*1
60007 Sweetener 11L*4
60008 Creamer 18L*1
60009 Creamer 1L*50
60010 Creamer 2L*12
60011 Blender
60012 Blender Container
60013 Blender Stick
60014 Water heater
60015 Filter
60016 Tea Pot
60017 Ice Machine
60018 Shaking Machine
60019 Shaker
60020 Shaker 700cc,  Bullet-proof glass
60021 Creamer ¡¡40L*1

Bubble Tea (Main Products)

It is delicious, it is a concoction of tea, flavors of tropical fruits, sometimes the drink is made with fresh fruit, milk, and crushed ice to create a healthy milk shake, and with tapioca pearls sitting on the bottom of a clear cup. Tapioca pearls are black, but can sometimes be found to be white or transparent. Depending on the ingredients of the pearl, the color varies. The black pearl includes sweet potato, cassava root and brown sugar. When cooked perfectly, the pearls become sweet chewy balls with a gummy-bear like texture about the size of a marble. Bubble tea is healthy. Medical studies have shown that tea contains powerful antioxidants that help you fight against cancers and diseases. So, try a cup of bubble tea. It is bubblicious!

Smoothies (Best Sale )

Smoothies have spilled out of the health food store and gone mainstream.Our smoothie is the mix of special non-diary, all natural, fat-free tropical fruit Jam or fresh fruits, ice and a small cup of pure water. As known, smoothies are refreshing sources of calories, protein, calcium and other nutrients.

Jasmine Smoothie World and Bubble Tea

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